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Davis Real Estate & Homes for Sale in California

Davis, California
Average Home Sizes and Asking Prices

Updated On: October 18, 2019
Zipcode Single Family Home Townhome or Condo
4 BR 3 BR #Lst 3 BR 2 BR #Lst
95616 3,000 sf $1,093,000 1,000 sf $496,000 20 1,700 sf $603,000 5
95620 2,300 sf $549,000 2,100 sf $550,000 31

95616 - 3 Bedroom Homes
# of Listings and Avg Price*
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 2 Years Ago  7   $621k
 1 Year Ago  13   $737k
 6 Months Ago   15   $710k
 1 Month Ago  11   $611k
 Today  10   $544k
*Averaged for 3 bedroom active listings

95620 - 3 Bedroom Homes
# of Listings and Avg Price*
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 2 Years Ago  11   $546k
 1 Year Ago  20   $629k
 6 Months Ago   31   $752k
 1 Month Ago  29   $671k
 Today  27   $643k
*Averaged for 3 bedroom active listings

Asking Price in 95616 - 3 Bedroom Single Family Homes
95616 real estate listing price trend

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Davis Real Estate & Homes for Sale in California

At first glance, Davis might be considered a quintessential college town. In actuality, that judgment far underestimates the city and its highly educated, socially conscious resident base. To put it simply, Davis is a vibrant and progressive place to live.

With an active arts community, strong educational opportunities and a wealth of city parks and bike paths, Davis has an appealing, family-oriented quality of life. The city is located in Northern California's Central Valley, 10 miles west of Sacramento. San Francisco is about 70 miles southwest. State Route 113 connects Davis to its neighboring cities within and outside Yolo County. Interstates 5 and 80 link Davis to points further north, south, east and west.

With all there is to do in Davis, however, residents have little need to travel. Starting with the University of California, Davis (UCD), the campus provides several attractions and activities, including an arboretum, botanical garden and a reputable theater group. The university also sets a tone for the community in that the population as a whole places a high value on education. In 2006, CNN Money Magazine recognized Davis as being the second most educated city in the county.

The arts are highly valued as well. The Art Center, Varsity Theater and many independent galleries show off the work of the city’s diverse arts community. Davis residents also have a reputation for being environmentally conscious and politically active. City park space is ample, natural trees are valued and bicycling is a popular form of transportation.

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Davis Real Estate in California Davis Homes for Sale Davis Real Estate and Homes for Sale in Yolo county, California
Price Range of Davis Houses

Davis has limited space available for new residential development. This, combined with the city's excellent quality of life, creates high demand for Davis real estate. The city did experience some new development in the 1990s but now Davis is largely built out to its potential. The selection of available residential real estate includes ranch homes, modern two-stories, mid-century properties and family residences. Prices for detached, single-family homes in Davis range from about $250,000 to upwards of $1.5 million. A well-maintained four-bedroom home with 2,000-plus square feet of living space and a fenced yard would normally be priced in the $700,000s. Condos and townhomes in Davis are priced between $130,000 and $420,000.

Davis Real Estate Stats and Trends for the week of October 18th, 2019: homes priced around $496,292 compared to $531,950 the previous week, showing a decrease of less than -7%.  For Friday, October 18th, the current national mortgage rate for a 30 year fixed mortgage is 4.51%; the 15 year fixed rate is at 3.90%. For a loan larger than conventional conforming loans, or 'jumbo' loan, the 30 year rate is 4.41%, while the 15 year jumbo rate currently is at 4.12%.

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